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Guide to Eating for Optimal Fertility and Hormonal Balance

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Natural Fertility Treatment

Natural Fertility Treatment

If You’ve been having a difficult time conceiving, natural fertility treatments like acupuncture and functional medicine can help.  Whether you’re hoping to conceive naturally and improve  health for you and your baby, or are preparing for an IVF or IUI cycle and want to get the best results,  we treat the underlying causes of infertility to help you start your family faster, healthier and happier. We work with wide range of fertility conditions including the following:


IVF acupuncture 


IUI acupuncture 


Infertility natural treatment


Unexplained Infertility 


High FSH 


Low AMH 






Diminished Ovarian Reserve 


Male Factor Infertility 


Premature Ovarian Failure 


Luteal Phase Defect


Reproductive Immunology 


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