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Guide to Eating for Optimal Fertility and Hormonal Balance

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Functional Medicine For Fertility in Campbell, CA 95008

In our world today, it seems as if more and more couples are struggling with infertility. While some doctors try to explain it away or simply prescribe a medication, it is often the result of an issue that must be treated without medication. Fortunately, Dr. Hunter at the Natural Fertility Clinic realizes this and works to help her patients in Campbell, California, and the surrounding areas through functional medicine.

Treating Your Infertility Holistically Functional Medicine For Fertility in Campbell, CA 95008

So what exactly is functional medicine? Functional medicine dives deep into issues by looking at the root cause rather than simply treating the symptoms. With infertility, one is often experiencing extreme stress, deficiencies, an imbalance, or even an overload of environmental toxins. 

To understand what is going on, Dr. Hunter may look at blood sugar, metabolism, diet, genetics, lifestyle factors, gluten sensitivities, stress, and inflammation, just to name a few. With this and medical history, she will create a treatment plan that may consist of diet changes, supplements, lifestyle changes, and regular follow-ups. As the body returns to a normal, healthy state, fertility will often follow closely behind.

Locating Our Office from Campbell, California

Though the Natural Fertility Clinic is located in Los Gatos, we are proud to serve our friends in 95008. From Campbell, California:

  • Head south on South Winchester Boulevard toward East Campbell Avenue
  • Turn right onto West Parr Avenue
  • Turn left onto Capri Drive, then make the next right

Our office is located at 14127 Capri Drive, Suite 5A, with plenty of parking for all of our patients. 

Let Us Help You Today!

Infertility is such a sensitive issue and one that you and your partner should not deal with alone. Get the help that you need through Dr. Hunter and the Natural Fertility Clinic today! Simply give us a call and we’ll make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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